Smart Product Classification

The Business Need

A leading US-based online marketplace organization wished to list more than 10,000 products on their website, on a daily basis. The client required a cloud based solution that would provide automation and monitoring capabilities and the ability to notify appropriate users along with integration into their online marketplace for pricing their products based on the competition. They also wanted accurate product data that would remain consistent throughout all the categories and taxonomies. Since manually entering the data was a very time-consuming task, they wanted a solution which cut time and costs significantly.


With the enormous surge in e-commerce websites, leading to a rise in online marketplaces- there is a need for consistent and agile classification of goods and services into various categories. Classifying these billions of products, further into specific categories is incredibly difficult especially with maximum accuracy and speed. Firstly, different categories have different taxonomy of classification. When done manually, category overlaps go undetected. High accuracy also translates to high cost of operation due to the extensive manual work that is required.

The Mobius Solution

The Tech team at TechMobius wanted to come up with a solution that cut investment on resources and time significantly while maximising accuracy and speed of operations. And hence, a full automated plan was devised and implemented.

The products are first fed into the database. The AI system then skims through this massive volume of data and starts categorizing the products according to marketplace taxonomy. This is truly beneficial to companies handling gargantuan volume of products that need accurate and speedy classification.



TechMobius’s unique AI solution will thus increase accuracy and speed by up to 90%, thereby accelerating your go-to-market time. The duration of time taken to scan the same number of products using technology vs manually was significantly less. Hence, in a day you will get 2 million products listed using our AI bots, compared to 1000 products listed when done manually. Your accuracy too will increase up to 90% and you will have consistent product data maintained across all channels and taxonomies.

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