Price Monitoring Tool

The Business Need

A leading Australian marketplace organization wished to monitor more than 10,000 products across 21 competitor sites, along with newspaper ads, coupons and promotions being advertised on a daily basis. The client required a cloud based solution that would provide automation and monitoring capabilities and the ability to notify appropriate users along with integration into their online marketplace for pricing their products based on the competition.


The nature of the online marketplace domain provides the ability for online organizations to modify and place apt promotions on a nearly constant basis enabled by the reach of technology based communication models. Additionally, coupons and newspaper/magazine ads are nearly impossible to monitor on a regular basis across such a large category and numbers of products. The client’s main requirement for this platform was the turnaround time and quality of the information being provided for making the respective promotions on their marketplace.

The Mobius Solution

The Mobius technology team designed, architected, developed and deployed a cloud-based solution in the form of a web based application that would provide a workflow for inputting products and competitor sites along with monitoring other traditional marketing channels for pricing, promotions and coupons. The application was developed as a Java/J2EE application with an Oracle and NoSQL backend to allow for both structured and unstructured data. Querying of the information was made available through an NLP interface for users to access without the need for any technical knowledge. The application was integrated with the help of web services to the client’s applications to enable transfer of pricing information for various analytical purposes.

The monitoring and assessment of products and competitor sites were managed through an AI based automation engine developed as the core of the web based application. A notification engine was developed into the application to provide up to date and accurate pricing reports on products as needed by the various users in the client organization.

The entire application was deployed on an AWS cloud that allowed for a scalable architecture to allow for peaks and trough in usage to provide for cost optimization. The Mobius technology team implemented and trained the client stakeholders in the use of the application. A Helpdesk was provided for issues related with the application on a 24 x 7 basis.



The cloud-based platform solution implemented by Mobius allowed for automation to efficiently monitor the required parameters and report back to appropriate users through notifications and a real time dashboard. The application was developed with an intuitive interface to reduce learning curves of client users and ensured the ability to access and integrate into their existing applications.

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