Internet-Based Software Solution

The Business Need

A State Department of Education (DOE) that establishes policy for, administer and coordinate most federal assistance to education, collect data on State Community schools, and to enforce federal educational laws regarding privacy and civil rights to the state education system that includes 15 Community Colleges. DOE has been facing a challenge with uploading data in bulk in a dynamically changing environment, with varying business rules and application of the rules on transferred data based on staff’s access privilege.


Processing data in the system without a defined work-flow and no availability of data validation rule led to duplication of effort. Hence DOE was looking for a solution provider to develop and provide a web-based solution which would enable the 15 Community Colleges affiliated to the DOE to submit their credit and non-credit student demographic, student enrollment, and student awards data seamlessly without any delay.

The Mobius Solution

Mobius developed a cloud web application with the following key deliverables

  • A solution capable of enforcing internal file data integrity rules including file formats, relational logic and business rules
  • Real-time feedback on data edit failure, warning and success status of each activity
  • A secured solution that enabled bulk data submission of file formats such as CSV, TXT, XML and Excel
  • A solution flexible enough to provide data editing rules and maintain edits as business rules evolving year-to-year
  • Real-time ad-hoc reporting for audit purposes as well as better version control visibility in compliance with data security
  • Professional on-site training provided to users of the system i.e. technical staff, non-technical and their field staff were delivered.



Team TechMobius worked swiftly on finding the apt solution for the department and the results were staggering. The enrollment efficiency had improved by up to 85% and data error had been reduced by up to 90%. The team also made sure all security and privacy control adhered to the state agency’s mandatory requirements. So the time and resources invested had been cut down drastically as there was no duplication of effort.

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