E-Business Discovery

The Business Need

They are a venture capital firm based in San Francisco that provides seed money to startups. Their team partners both with young companies finding their stride and established ones looking for the next level of growth. A plethora of new domains bloom every day in the WWW due to all businesses getting digitized. Being the first to find business opportunities and thereby potential has become important for business growth.


In this day and age where there are millions of new domains popping up, every now and then, it is hard for to keep up with which businesses to look out for. A massive amount of time is thus, spent on merely combing through this data. There is latency between active domain and active content. Non-English formats are not feasible when done manually. And there is lower extraction accuracy.

The Mobius Solution

Harnessing TechMobius’s smart AI/ ML technology, this entire process takes significantly lesser time compared to when it is done manually. First the 250 million IP domain records are skimmed through by the AI software. The new domains are then identified after comparison from this set. The active domains are then filtered through and post that, the business domains are identified.

At this point approximately 5000 domains are singled out from the original 250 million. AI powered web page classification and web content extraction is done, and this undergoes stringent quality checks to present the final validated business domains.



Our aim at TechMobius, is for companies to grow their businesses by using our highly trained AI bots which accelerate the process and help them find new prospects easily. This is very beneficial for entrepreneurs, as they get access to expertise and insights across the entire spectrum of company building.

With the AI approach, we get higher prediction rates with close to 100% accuracy. With the manual approach, non-English formats weren’t feasible but thanks to AI, we are successfully able to run English and non-English processes. The AI approach also proves to be a highly scalable model, cutting down costs and resources.

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