Content Management System

The Business Need

The requirement was to build an online content management system for editors of a leading US provider of legal and public-health records. The solution would need to enable the editors to create, manage and distribute context across various platforms in applicable formats, thereby increasing operational efficiency and control.


Automating and providing a full online system posed a challenge as there were various content sources and each had their own legacy system. Collating the information from these diverse systems was time consuming with licensing issues and varied and detailed categorization of the content adding to the complexity.

The Mobius Solution

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The Mobius solution for the content management system was designed, developed and deployed as a cloud based application that provided an intuitive and easy to use front end for the editors who were able to create, manage and publish legal content as needed. The application was accessible through a standard web interface (web browser) without the need for any additional plugins, and provided access to the content through a multi layered application architecture.

The application’s workflows were developed as a customized wrapper around Flowable which provided the ability for editors to track creation, edit and modify content, approve and reject as part of a workflow and search for content as needed. The workflow provided the ability for multiple editors to work on different sections of the same content bring efficiency to these operations by checking out modules of the same content.

Content thus created was managed through the application using tools developed for this purpose that would enable modularizing content using chunking capabilities from the data source. All content created could be exported to various formats such as HTML, ePub, Documents and could also be sent to printers.

The backend of the system was a MarkLogic database for storing of content from legacy systems. These content was converted by a suite of Migration tools that were developed as part of the backend feature of the application. Content loaded into MarkLogic was used by the CMS to deliver content to the editors through the online access via the web interface. A MySQL database was used for managing authentication and other management activities of the application.

The application was developed using open source technologies (Java, J2EE, MarkLogic, MySQL) and all integrations to legacy systems were developed in PERL, XML, XSLT and other XML technologies.

The entire application had a monitoring of the queue that ensured an email notification was sent to relevant users and administrators if any part of the online process was interrupted or halted due to known or unknown errors.



The Mobius solution provided a single source of all content, drawn from various sources and enabled editors to be able to manage content. This bought in operational efficiency as also improving productivity of editors. The interoperability with various legacy systems and the ability to publish to content from one central application to various formats contributed to the efficiency of the application.

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